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S4FE's goal is to provide a solution to dramatic global increase in theft, illegal possession, trade and fencing of items through the creation of a platform that will decrease the value of stolen or lost items.



Provides a global network to identify lost or stolen property.



Enables users to register assets they wish to protect.



Participation in the network to increase is efficiency.



Acts as a global deterrent to theft and the trade in stolen goods



S4FE is an online application and security organisation creating easily accessible solutions to reduce and prevent the loss or theft of valuables whilst at the same time enabling identification and retrieval of such items.

To accomplish this, S4FE is operating multiple layers of software, hardware and personnel to establish tangible ways to register, identify and return uniquely identifiable items.

Decentralized transparent cryptographic registration and query network for items

Bounty incentivized recovery and return of lost & stolen items.

Tracking and securing of special interest items.

Open API to enable service providers and law enforcement.


We Set Standards

S4FE is the world’s first blockchain technology based global database for the registration and identification of stolen or lost items. The database is accessible to everyone and enables users to register and search property on the blockchain. Such property could be electronic devices, jewelry, collections, valuables of any kind, documents, sports and hobby equipment, vehicles and machines or nearly any conceivable item representing a value to its owner.


How it works

S4FE is a global network based on blockchain technology for the registration of (stolen or lost) property, i.e. valuables or objects. The network is accessible to everyone and allows users to register, search, verify and identify objects in the blockchain. Such objects can represent almost any form of property that represents value to owners.

S4FE has developed an easy-to-use interface through which users can perform the following functions: • Register property / objects in the network anonymously • Report theft or loss in real time • Make stolen goods recognizable to all users worldwide • Check or identify found and offered items • Report stolen or lost items on the network • Rewards for discovering and returning of objects

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